Sunday, October 31, 2004

All Hallows Eve

Well it's another beautiful day up here in X-ville. Had an awsome breaky with Lady Ann.
We shared a fresh batch of French toast ala Annie. I forgot my smokes at SuzyQs late night.
Gonna try do without smokes. Lady Ann & I went out to see some friends rock out live and she had a smoke with her beer... one of mine ... oh my ! ... she's been quit for seven months or so... I can no longer contribute to our delinquencies. Smoke ... what ? ... I don't smoke ... anymore ...

I headed to the center to share with friends ... Rev. Patrick Cameron gave a good talk where he plugged 'what the bleep' a few times... good man. i visited with good friends there for some time then gave Linda & John a ride home to Riverdale. they live right below me ... well a few hundred feet down the river bank anyway.

I came home, had a good conversation with Mia ... we played fetch for a while ... shared some tuna ... mmmmmmmmmmmm ... good hey MMMia ?

I'm so blessed with the all I've got & look at my view ... I'll have a live webcam here soo too !

I'm gonna go & play piano for the folks at the seniors lodge ... and snitch some candy !

I'll be back later to haunt this place again.