Sunday, October 31, 2004

All Saints Day

I'm back ... in spirit. My body is fading, as I've worked hard. I've been reading, researching, editing shtuff. My, I've come a long way ... then so have others, ESPecially the saints. There is much to be done yet ... I'm so glad they've come marching in to help. What a sight & sound !
I went for a short ride today. I may go for a soak & swim yet.
I'll get to bed around midnight with a good book, as we have a photo shoot tomorrow, Nov. 1 / 04 for the amazing new opening of mashuga.
The mashuga site is evolving nicely . Greg, and Fritz may have more videos ready. They've
created some doozies thanks to Hubble's & N.A.S.A. I'm SO looking forward to having them streaming soon. Being in the middle of the micro and macrocosms is such a beautiful thing.
We are all beautiful ... as ALL is beautiful !!! - tAWMy