Saturday, October 30, 2004

Hallows Eve Eve ... oh yeah Eve is a great old APP album ...

My life reads life a good sci-fi ... Stranger In A Strange Land ...
I saw Greg ( and some of the new videos, unseen eXtreme video footage we should have up and streaming soon. TUC ( is working on some more cool out of this world videos as well. How's the world gonna handle this ? We'll see.
Gene R. is with us in spirit.
'We Play The Game' on 'A Valid Path' ... see if ya' wanna
answer your cell phone ... that's my 'mashuga' ring on my Nokia for the
last year and it nicely distracts everyone. ThanX Alan and John Cleese for reminding me in song & word. The end of Chomolungma sounds just like Lady Anns' Rhodesian Ridgeback; Luke, or marmaluke as I call him. I was out riding 'Black Beauty' today, after shining her up.
It's not often we up here can get out on two wheels on October 30th.
The sun was out, and warming the ladies, me and the dogs up nicely for an afternoon walk at Mill Creek. I just got in, said hi to Mia, made a nice hot pot of Yerba after putting on some great tunes. Doth quote the raven... NEVERMORE ! -thats POE, & also
from APP tales of Mystery and Imagination. There's a new version of
'Dream Within A Dream' on 'A Valid Path'. Anyhoo, Shirley and Lady Ann
are making a nice dinner for us, and I shant be late. We might go out and go mashuga @
the Late Night Rocky Horror Picture Show. So much to do ... see ... TWYL - tAWMy

n.b. Werewolves of London ... see opening page of my site ( best with the sound turned on) and see if ya' can find pic of London.

YES it's there right out in front ... now clik on it ... there ya go ... I Robot !!!