Thursday, October 28, 2004

This is Major tAWM to Ground Control ...

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Well if you're here reading this, it means that you've probably wandered through some of my website, that you're about to do so, maybe you were invited here, maybe you've
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n.b. The following is a little mail I got from Will Arntz
and the rest of the team @
The movie is making big waves without the help of Hollywood.
It's proving its' worth with the support from people like you, and me...

( there's a link in my Guestbook put up by Slap & Tickle with Jon Stewart
addressing this same thing live on T.V. with the 'dicks' on 'Crossfire' ! )

'Political Activism, The Media and Social Consciousness'

We always wonder: Why is the world the way it is?

And: "What do you mean I create Reality – the world is nothing like I would create."

But as we said in the 60’s: "If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem."

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has a recent book out called Crimes Against Nature. In a recent interview with Bill Maher, when asked who’s responsible for the mess of the environment, the Republicans, the Democrats, or the Media, he responded: "The Media".

From his book: "Number of corporations that own 100% of all media outlets in the US – seven."
"Federal Radio Act of 1927 which stated – that it required broadcasters, etc to operate in the public interest by covering important policy issues. These requirements evolved into the Fairness doctrine which mandates that broadcast media has a duty to maintain an informed public. This law abolished in 1988 by President Ronald Regan in favor of big studio heads that supported his election."

"The right-wing radio conglomerate Clear Channel, which in 1995 operated 40 radio stations, today owns over 1,200 stations and controls 11 percent of the market. Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation is the largest media conglomerate on the planet, one of seven media giants that own or control virtually all of the US's 2,000 TV stations, 11,000 radio stations and 11,000 newspapers and magazines. And predictably, these media corporations have the White House's support. Despite congressional mandates for diversity of ownership and local control, the number of corporations that control our media is shrinking dramatically."

"Corporate consolidation has reduced news broadcast quality and has dramatically diminished the inquisitiveness of our national press."

Corporations seek only larger profits. Unlike the visionary journalists that came out of World War 2, who felt they had a deep responsibility to fair accurate reporting, irregardless of their own views. It was their belief that it was the only way to prevent another Hitler.

In our little corner of media life we have been repeatedly shocked by irresponsible reporting. Rarely is anything researched. (To see an example of good reporting check out the article in What is Enlightenment. Fair, in depth, and furthers thought and discussion.)

Misrepresentations and outright lies pop up with frightening regularity. In a recent interview the journalist told me that journalists are now the number two most despised group of professionals. We all know the reports are biased and manipulative and controlled by power brokers. So what?

There’s an adage in the data processing world: "garbage in garbage out". If the majority of the information to each of us about the world out there comes from media, then what will be our thoughts going back out? If our main interface with society is from the media, what will be our social consciousness? If what comes in is crimes, violence and celebrity gossip what will be in our consciousness?

Which bring us to Political Activism.

Our first experiment with that was the "How long will they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look" email, which took exception to the review that Ruthe Stein of the SF Chronicle wrote. I responded to the editor, as did 500+ others. Nothing was ever printed by that paper. According to the PR profession, that is a huge number of replies.

Our on going experiment has been to interest more of the national media in what we’re doing. How an unknown (to them) group of people keep coming to a film that Hollywood says has no market. Even our distributor, who’s more in the mainstream, is puzzled by the lack of media interest. Is it conspiracy, or is it that we’re just like Columbus’ ships in the lagoon, they just don’t see us? (You Shaman in the Press, please point us out to your colleagues!) (And you Shawoman in our mailing list – please point us out to those media outlets that you frequent!!!)
Here’s an example about how activism works. Roger Ebert wrote an interesting engaging review of What the Bleep. He was besieged by letters telling him the science was bogus and since the three filmmakers are students at RSE, it was a recruitment film. He subsequently wrote in his Answerman Column that the film was "a hoax."

What happened? Political Activists who did not like the film wrote in. That’s how it works. In Roger’s case it is quite interesting because he is a fair journalist who originally liked the film. But because of the input, changed his view. He may have been simply reporting back on all the input he received. I’m sure if he had gotten a slew of emails supporting the film and stories of the lives transformed he would have had a different take.

(We filmmakers did take issue with a few of his comments and sent him the following, which was never responded to. For those interested, you can contact Roger through his Answerman form or the "email feedback" link on his web site.)

Look at social consciousness. Look at what those Seven Corporations think interests us. Look at the world. They are profit seeking, power seeking structures that feed our minds. That’s at best. When they are controlled by reactionary forces (and when do those in power EVER want change) then a more devious agenda is in place.

Look at social consciousness. Look what those seven think interests us. Look at the world.
20% of the time we are told via Ads: "Hate your body, buy our product – get the perfect body – get laid." "Buy our car, feel superior, feel in control." Etc…
Garbage in Garbage out.

If you’re waiting for the succinct answer to this pickle we find ourselves in, the wait will continue. Don’t wait act. The first part of Activism.

Your correspondent,

Will Arntz

PS. Betsy asked to include this:

"You shall no longer take things at second or third hand,nor look through the eyes of the dead,nor feed on the specters of books.You shall not look through my eyes either,not take things from me,you shall listen to all sides and filter them through yourself." -Walt Whitman

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