Saturday, November 06, 2004

Another Beautiful Day

Well the last 18 hours have been magnificent. Lady Ann came by last night at about six. We went to her soccer game. She scored the only goal. ( for the 'Thunder' )The two of us went shopping for my grocs. It's always a hoot shoppin' with my Lady Ann. I think she's as mashUga as I am. We came home to my place, and shared water ... had a swim, and a soak in the hot-tub. Noodle e-mailed me, so I called her back. She's coming in for 4 days next week. Yee-ha ! We haven't seen her for tooooooooooooo long. Lady Ann, Mia and I watched 'Willow' with some good snacks. Lady Ann had never seen it before ... it's one of my faves, she enjoyed it.
It's always very nice when Lady Ann has the opportunity to stay the night with me. ThanX Heather, for helping out by doing your thing. We woke up to glorious sunshine, and had coffee & breaky outside on the balcony with good tunes by Crowded House and APP. Took some more amazing pics. We shared water once more ... Life is beautiful !
I'm gonna get ready and take Opa out shoppin' today, he needs to get out and eXcercise those 90 year young muscles. Lady Ann and I make him laugh. Laughter is GREAT medicine. Right 'Patch' ? I'm gonna come back, and hop on Black Beauty for a short ride. Lan was right in that I was going to be blessed, and be able to ride my motorbike this late in the year. I am just soooooooooooooo blessed period.
Thank you Angels.