Sunday, November 14, 2004

Another Great Weekend

There's so much happening that I'm ALMOST overwhelmed. Karen and Ryan had their second baby Friday night while I was out watching Lady Ann's soccer game @ 11:08 pm.
granny Munro was buried that day too. God Bless her soul ... she's back with Howard.
I'm getting ready for a roadtrip to Vancouver. I'm eXcited as I haven't been to HongKoover since I was there for the Indy. This afternoon was hectic, though productive. I've got to eliminate the recent episode of drama Kings & Queens from my life. They try drag me down with them. It's sad to see, but they appear to be everywhere. Their words don't match their actions ... time always reveals the truth ... funny ! ? !
Lady Ann and I had a great morning together on Saturday too. I'm gonna miss her for the time I'm gone. She got a new bed today, I'll miss the old one as it put us on the floor for a good laugh a few times. We're both athletes, so she invested in a more durable 'trampoline'. I'm lookin' forward ... Mikey, my guitarist from a couple of years ago, and I went out and got revved up watchin' Dahlia Wakefield & X-Factor. I may just hire them all for a tour. They're amazing to hear and watch. We had some great laughs with Dahlia, Alan, Al & the crowd too ! Who says tAWMy needs a lampshade ! ? ! Mikey would care to help produce, and master some of Dahlia's next cd. We also played some amAzing 8-ball tonight. Mikey's shoulder is getting good enough to play full time again. Thank goodness ! I appreciate emotionally stable individuals to get projects done with, and not these rebels without a cause. Anyhoo, i gotta get to bed & sleep as it's 4:20 now, and I've got a lot of business to take care of in the next few days. i'll be back ... after walking through a few more doors that opened for us.