Saturday, November 27, 2004

crEATivity iS soUL fOOd

Lady Ann & I had a grEAT EVEning . I RAELly enjoy the company of Annie & my contemporaries, as they know how to thoUroughly dO it uP rIght, and enJOI stimulating cerebral eXchanges, wITh tongUEs firmly planted in cheek.
The finEST of drINk ( they EVEn had my favoUrite little AUSTRALIAN pengUIn's red wine ), the tAStiest fOOD yoU coUld IMAGINE. Laughter wAS had by ALL as we leisurely enJOYed the sPORT of KINGs, and tHE hUmouroUs absurdities beHIND it thrOUgh fellowSHIP. I alMOST gOT addicted to that SPECTator sport at one pOInt iN mY life. A friend stUmbled before me and I tOOk his cUE. ThanK HEAVEN 4 tHAT.

We came home to mY plACE & enJOIed ba live @ slane castle. man did that bring back memories and more personal interaction between Annie & I regarding history, prophecies, and intentions. I wonder if ba kNEW / understood the implications of any of those sONgs when he penned them ? He's sUch a down to earth guy, and so are his team mates. I know that some of my songs are intentional, and some just flow through me. it ALL depends on what's going on in and around me, or at least my perception of it. there are so many ways to 'RIGHT' a song. FUNny thing is that ANNIE & I were both at that concert with ba & cj Nov.2003 eXcept she was up in the stands where the soUnd got washed out for her and anyone uP there. I was blessed to be in the 15th row, like I used to watch cj at the sidetrack with beers & him passin me a few licks from stevieRV after the show. We were in our early 20s then. that double bill had the clearest, crispest concert soUnd I ever heard. the Coliseum is known for a few dead spots accoustically uP there.

Anyhoo ...

We got talkin' about NY's 'after the goldrush', and i got to wondering if NY ever
thought he was going 'mashuga' and had self doUbts about certain things like OVO !?! we know he didn't go totally off the deep end, as he's still with us... creatin' ... thank Heaven Again 4 that.

I got more 'toys' by PG to play with. They bring out the kid in me. i love these creations by my faves ... they make ONE think. Annie picked up the box of 'crayons' in eXcitement, only to discover the TRUTH ! ha HA ! got her good. I have so much fun with crayons ... gotta have meaningful colour. My kids think im nuts ... actually, qUite a number of people are not really sure ... they may think what they like ... if they're really concerned, it's easy enuff to visit me and find out.

the new u2 se set is awesoME ... it gIVes nU MEANing to engLISH, scIence, mATh, LUV the bOOk ... lOOks like my jr high notebooks did when I was bored with traditional education, soME of my thoUghts mirrored from yEARs ago to now... Im mOVed & curious about a few things I'll have 2 lOOk cLOSEr. thanX gUys ... LUV yoUr imaginings 2 ... the 3 sONg dvd has yET 2B viewed as my tvdvd dId not ACKnowledge it at ALL ! ? !
my 'puters are not set up for that PARTicular FORMat ... i did install the ID 'safety' off of it 4 future use. Can yoU see me better now though? I enJOYed the higher quality, and the subtle nuances on the disc more than the streams ... though the streams were/are a great idea, thanX for the EARLY sneak preview. i like the song not included on the stream list. it reminds me of the song I wrote for Annie after we hung oUt with Paco deLucia & his band. i'm puttin' up 'little Seniorita' lyrics soon. We ( Annie for the 1st time) privately performed for Paco & his amazing band on a beautiful grand piano @ THORNton coUrt ! ? !. Annie learned her sensuous accompaniment amazingly well, once i played my 'MAGIC'piano song. U know everyones gonna buy veRtiGO once they hear it ESPecially oUr steadfast frIends. ALL is well in crEATionville. CUsooN