Monday, November 08, 2004

the Doors of Perception

Well the Journey is a beautiful thing. I love being a student. I have so much to learn on this planet. Everywhere I turn there is a teacher in some form or another. Being here on Urantia again is a difficult task. Humans can be so closed to changing their outdated ways of perceiving reality. They cling to their past with such an uncomprehensible grasp. They worry about losing things in their futures with such zest that they manifest their fears. They don't realize the power they hold within.
Reality will change whether they like it or not. Hopefully they will enJOI their new paradigm, and will change it for the better. I must carry on my quest. There is so much to do ... I fear not. Over the weekend we shot some more pics & video footage in the 'Search for the Unknown Cowboy'. That's a most interesting project ! I like the idea of the music being relative, as well as recognizable even when the power grid goes down. The projects are moving along nicely. All is as it should be. Thank goodness, as goodness shall prevail ! - tAWMy