Thursday, November 04, 2004

surprise Surprise SURPRISE !

I think I am still in a kind of a fogg.
There's a reason for all of this madness.
Right now it doesn't seem so funny to a great many of us.
( the majority of us outside of the US )
Isn't it funny how sheep can't sense any problems within
their own flock ! ?

The all too recent US election & results were a joke. Funny ha HA ... funny queer ... funny strange ! ? ! We just gotta remember ... ' if ya' can't laugh at it, ya' can't live with it ! ' I have not watched any TV, or read any news reports for a couple of 'daze' now. I've been burying myself with other projects that need to move forward.
maXimus and I have worked hard on the website ... it's progressing
along nicely. There's so much more to do. It will all get done as it should ... no worries.
My quest will just be a little more of a challenge now for the next four years again.
Just out of curiosity, who smashed the freakin' mirror ! ?
Back to politics ... I'll get over it ...
An associate was politely riding my ass about me supporting Kerry, and the Democrats through this past election. He was insistant that Ralph Nader was the best man for the job. This is how I responded ... Nader is an awesome American figure that will go down in the anus ... I mean annals of history. ( How about that Corvair ! ? ! ) I believe Nader to be relatively honest, as far as humans go. His intentions are noble, butt YES, No one takes him seriously as he's bucking a _ucking system with built in safeguards against individuals like himself. I was plugging Kerry as the lesser of two evils in the same hellhole - the American political arena.
There have been several individuals like sIr Ralph that have tried what he is trying again ... to no greater avail. Remember Ross Perot ? Now there's another eXample of a nobleman trying to oust the eViL kInG, and his wIcKeD henchmen. Have you read 'On Wings of Eagles' by my favourite historical story teller, Ken Follett ? ( 'Pillars Of The Earth' is my fave by Ken ) I highly recommend 'On Wings...' for all Americans, as well as any semi-conscious global citizens. It will give ya' a new spin on 'the systems' here, as well as abroad. I have a vIsion that may remove all doubt about how to 'cHANGe' the 'seemingly formidable' & ineffective systems we face at all levels of 'government' in any given country. Anyhoo, enough plugging here... besides, I'd rather not spoil a surpriZe that this world is not quite ready for. Soon.

movin' on ...