Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Well well well ...

... another lesson in, let's say ... American hiSTORY.


Here is a current map of the USA.
Red shaded areas are populated by a majority of right of center red necked sheep. Baaaaaaaaaaad
Blue shaded areas are populated by a majority of well informed, left of center, globally conscious planetary citizens. Good ! Great !! ... unfortunately not the majority.


538 (total) - 274 (bush) = 264 (Kerry)

Damn, my calculator must be malfunctioning. Here, let's try shake it over our heads like an Etch-A Sketch. No change ... oh well... in the words of the great Gump - "... surprize, Surprize, SURPRIZE !... "

It kinda looks like what happened in 2000 ... I guess we'll have to wait 'til January 6/05 to find out ... don't hold your breath.

On a good note, it looks like Kerry got New Hampshire back. ACTually, it was oUr favourite lady, Granny D. , that got it back for him ... let's all pray that she sticks around for the next election as well.

Anyhoo ... if ya' wanna stay current on science, technology, music, arts, philosophy, politics, humanitarianism ... more ... lessons are available for free here. No pop ups ... no adverts ... BONUS !!!


Dora Jarr & tAWMy

n.b. You may listen to tAWMy's 'Time To Change'