Tuesday, December 14, 2004

ahhh wHAt a wEEKend +++

hellO AWll,

WASn't that a party ? yoUng LAdY sYmphonY , sIr mIChael, and sIr eell (me),
just had the most incredible three days of FUNN. We were treated as rOYalZ.
We highly recommend the FAirmont chain uv hotels to AWll travellers. The weather was as beautiful as the people. We went up to the skytram. It will be ready in a couple of weeks. We also went up to mARMot basin to scout the hill. SNOWJOB 1999 was
awesome, other than whatzhis face ... SHUGA RA nAWT showing uP. LAdY McNarlan was better anyway. HEY baby should be about 4 or 5 now. We set the ball rolling 4another snowjob ... bigger better longer. We hope to have eVe 6 back again too.
tHE teAMs iN JASPER are set. WEre going bACK to sKi tHIS wewekend. In tHAt amaZING
limO agAIAn ... hUmmm ... we X-clAIMed iT az ... tHE wHITe stALLion. tHAnX so mUch to
sIr HANI & sIr mIChael who wUz sIr EEllZ lEfT hANd mAn for tHE tIMe aWAY. tHE partY lASt knIghT wUz amaZING. a BIG thanX to sIr rALPH melNYk, hIS teAM, aZ weLL aZ AWll the beAUtifull pEoPlE frUm bOth lAKE lOUiSE & jASPur reSORTS. sIr toMMy K. hAD uS AWll rAWKing til tHE pUmPkin hoUR. trUly maJicAL !! HA !!

p.s. maLAdY lUNd ( K11 ) tAKE care uV mY UthUR glASSes, and thanX agAIAN for tHE ROMEO & JULIET shMOkes !!

tO AWll BEaUtifUl peOple,


sIr eell

tAWMy - YmwaT