Sunday, December 26, 2004

LoNdOn BrIDge

I jUSt gOt bACk frUm tAkinG maLAdY Linda 2 tHE wHOAmenZ eMERGEncY sheLtUR.
I fOUnd her daZed & CONfused @ tHE hUSkY serVice statION oN JaspER aVe wHEN I
wENT oUT 2 gET petROL & p/u a fEWE oDdZ & eNz 2 eAt. tHE LAdYz @ tHE shelTer
weRe verY PLEASant. sUm peaCe offICerZ sHOWed uP aZ I wUz lEAVinG. gOOd seCUritY. iTz UNfortUnATE tHAT wE nEEd tHe shElTerZ , bUt iTz a fACT uV lIFe ... 4 nOW. wE wONt ONce I'm dUn wUt I dO bEST !! hUMMMmmm