Sunday, January 09, 2005

5 o clock charlie

WEll i jUSt cheCked oUt a kNEW band 2 knIght.

I LIkEd thEIr SOWned though I cOUld nOt mAKe oUt tHE lYrICs iN thE mIX.

tHEn I cheCked oUt tHE 'CHAse' kNIGHT clUb. wHAt a plACE.

eminem & TU PAC wOUld lUV it iN tHERE.

anYhoo ..--- sO iM bACK wITh SAS.

sHEs sO B U T i fUll wHEn sHE slEEpz.

mE 2