Friday, January 07, 2005

I jUSt gOt A cALL

frUM OPAs lODge tHAt hE wUz rUShed oFf tO hOSpItAL

i cAlleD tHe HOSTiBaL aNd tHEy're gOiNg 2 KeeP mE pOStEd

hE wAs hAVinG sErIuS brEAThinG pROBlEMz bUt iz iN mORe

uV a STABle COndITion rIGhT nOW

hEz nEvEr hAD pROBlEMz brEAThINg ... hUMm

ILL bE sLeePinG lIghTlY

pRAY wITh mE