Thursday, January 06, 2005

mY gURL ... iZ cUmMin roUnd tHE moUntAIn ...

iT aLL mAKEz sO mUCh ZENse nOW DOnUt bAbY ! ?

yA i kNOW yoUre iN tHE MIddLE uV $Um kNEW mOVieZ

i jUSt wAnnA bE stUCk iN tHE mIDdLe wITh yOU agAiAn

yoU desIrVe a brEAK todAY eH ! ?

C U soON HeRe iN X - VILLe ... --- U kNOW wHAt yoU gOttA dO !!

alWaYz lUV aLL wAYz


nb Yes I jUSt fIgUred tIHs oUt wITh cErTaiNtY sInCe reCentlY ...

WEll tAWK ...