Thursday, January 20, 2005

My TRIbute To My Home and Native LAnds

I am so grateful to live in Canada. A vast, and beautiful country free of landmines, and other blatant signs of WAR that are all too prevalent elsewhere. It is idealistic to wish that borders didn't exist, and ALL could be as 'free', and 'safe' as we have been here in this modern day 'Promised Land'. We must remember that all great things were first conceived in the minds of idealists, and revolutionary thinkers. Many of them have been born, live(d), create(d), and eXpand(ed) their vision in Canada, and through it's vast potential for eXpanding ideas, and subsequent opportunities to manifest themselves. Our great heritage has witnessed many changes through the hard work, and perseverance of idealists in the face of outdated traditionalism that retards positive growth. Yes, we embrace multiculturalism rather than a smoldering 'melting pot' . Multiculturalism allows for ALL races, and traditions that have built this great country to celebrate side by side, and share their diverse, and parallel histories with each other. With this approach, ALL involved move forward in mutual respect, understanding, and utilization of progressive innovations borrowed from each. Yes, there are instances that would contradict the last statement, however they are relatively far, and few between here in Canada. We as Canadians, are leaders in so many facets on this jewel of a planet. With such a role comes great responsibility, not only from our representatives in the various levels of government, and corporations, but from each and every citizen that has been given the 'right', and hence the obligation to use their individual voice peacefully, and respectfully. The www.mashUga .net website is one of the many means at my disposal to demonstrate my humanity, globally without borders, and prejudices that interfere with my intentions to eXponentially eXpand the process of growth for ALL gently caught in my free 'net'. Through knowledge, and appreciation of knowing what was, is, and what can be, there is hope for ALL to live in PEACE, and safety as most of us here in Canada are so fortunate to eXperience. Yes, sometimes we can forget how blessed we really are, and create our own personal battlefields. That's when we can choose to recite 'the Serenity Prayer', and move on. I'm so glad to live again in this day and age. Beside the fact that we actually eXist, the other 'miracles' that we have the potential to witness, above, beyond, and through globally perpetrated illusions, and subsequent suffering, is truly amazing. Where do these 'miracles' manifest, and ripple outward from ? I see them manifesting in people, and places where freedom of thought, creativity, and compassion for humanity, and it's mutually sustaining biosphere as a whole are eXplored, understood, shared, and emphasized. Those people, and places can be found anywhere on this planet where there is unconditional 'LOVE', which encompasses caring, and respect for oneself, as well as one's neighbour regardless, and in spite of contradictory, subjective black/white opinions. Where is such A person ? Well there are too many individuals to list here separately, however there are several portals to such if you continue to explore Where is such A place on the grandest scale ? Well, with little further thought, I'd have to eXclaim ... CANADA ! O - yeah !!! ... thanX for eXploring my wurdz, and my website ... U R Free to leave my 'net' at any time ... please, do come back though ... - tAWMy


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1. Is courage--strength of character--desirable? Then must man be reared in an environment which necessitates grappling with hardships and reacting to disappointments.

2. Is altruism--service of one's fellows--desirable? Then must life experience provide for encountering situations of social inequality.

3. Is hope--the grandeur of trust--desirable? Then human existence must constantly be confronted with insecurities and recurrent uncertainties.

4. Is faith--the supreme assertion of human thought--desirable? Then must the mind of man find itself in that troublesome predicament where it ever knows less than it can believe.

5. Is the love of truth and the willingness to go wherever it leads, desirable? Then must man grow up in a world where error is present and falsehood always possible.

6. Is idealism--the approaching concept of the divine--desirable? Then must man struggle in an environment of relative goodness and beauty, surroundings stimulative of the irrepressible reach for better things.

7. Is loyalty--devotion to highest duty--desirable? Then must man carry on amid the possibilities of betrayal and desertion. The valor of devotion to duty consists in the implied danger of default.

8. Is unselfishness--the spirit of self-forgetfulness--desirable? Then must mortal man live face to face with the incessant clamoring of an inescapable self for recognition and honor. Man could not dynamically choose the divine life if there were no self-life to forsake. Man could never lay saving hold on righteousness if there were no potential evil to exalt and differentiate the good by contrast.

9. Is pleasure--the satisfaction of happiness--desirable? Then must man live in a world where the alternative of pain and the likelihood of suffering are ever-present experiential possibilities.

taken from page 51 of the Urantia Book.

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