Thursday, January 27, 2005

the rAVen DANCEd ... ONce mORe ...

Looking out for number one is not the way to go. One should not be concerned about one's own life. Just think of the ravens (Q 12:22-31). They neither work the fields nor store in barns, so as to have enough stored up to get through the winter. They do not need to worry about such things, for God provides their nourishment. It is similar with lilies, what we would call wildflowers, which do not need to produce their clothing on a weaver's loom, and yet the splendor of their adornment far exceeds the glorious costumes of a king like Solomon. God provides their clothing -- he already knows what you need! You should count on him just as they do. Trust him without a care in the world! What one normally calls faith in God is only little faith, hardly better than what gentiles call religion. No matter how hard you work at self-preservation, you will not be able to stretch out life so as to avoid death. So it makes more sense to get involved in the actualization of God's rule, where fullness of life is to be found, than to focus on self-preservation.

withIN tHE BIG pICtURe

"Science has revealed a vast chain of coincidences which lead inexorably to life on earth - not just microbial life but all life on earth, including large, air-breathing organisms like ourselves - a chain of adaptions which leads from the dimensions of galaxies, through the physical conditions in the center of stars to the heat capacity of water and the atom-manipulating capacities of proteins, and on eventually to our own species and our ability to comprehend the world. From the inertial resistance we encounter when we move our hand, determined by the mass of the most distant stars, to the radioactive heat in the earth's interior which drives the great tectonic system, thus ensuring a continual replenishing of the vital elements of life- all nature, every facet of reality, is bound together into one mutual self-referential biocentric whole."
Michael J. Denton

like most of my so called friends I've left behind.
because they can't quit their own habits .
Always LOVE All Ways,

©2004 Lady AnnY B. & tAWMy

I’ve cried … for your pain
My comfort … seemed all in vain
I’ve known … for so long
That what is true … we were told was wrong

I know where you’ve been
I know what your eyes have seen
I know who you are
Together, we’ve travelled so far

I … don’t want to say I told you
I … just want to hold you
Please tell me what you’re feeling
At your feet, I am kneeling

children of the night
for us
There shines a light

Forgive me …I have fallen too
Don’t leave me … I am just like you
No excuse … for what I’ve done
No use … to turn and run

You know where I have been
You know what my eyes have seen
You know who I am
Sacrificial lamb

Take me with you
Where the sun shines and the sky is blue
No alter for a slaughter
Where there’s others like me & you

Take me with you

Oh Please

Take me with you

The simulacrum is never that which conceals the truth--

it is the truth which conceals that there is none.

The simulacrum is true.


In Simulacra and Simulation, French social theorist Jean Baudrillard argues that our "postmodern" culture is a world of signs that have made a fundamental break from referring to "reality." Baudrillard's concept of simulation is the creation of the real through conceptual or "mythological" models which have no connection or origin in reality. The model becomes the determinant of our perception of reality-- the real.

Homes, relationships, fashion, art, music, all become dictated by their ideal models presented through the media.

Thus the boundary between the image, or simulation, and reality implodes (breaks down).

This creates a world of hyperreality where the distinctions between real and unreal are blurred. Robert Tilton becomes a simulation of religion; Ronald Reagan a simulation of politics; and Kurt Kobain a simulation of marginality. The culture industry blurs the lines between facts and information, between information and entertainment, between entertainment and politics.

The masses get bombarded by these images (simulations) and signs (simulacra) which encourage them to buy, vote, work, play,... but eventually they become apathetic (i.e. cynical). Because simulations and simulacra ultimately have no referents, the social begins to implode.

This process of social entropy leads to the collapse of all boundaries between meaning, the media, and the social- no distinction between classes, political parties, cultural forms, the media, and the real.

Simulation and simulacra become the real so there are no stable structures on which to ground theory or politics. Culture and society become a flux of undifferentiated images and signs.This process is analogous to Herbert Marcuse's notion of one-dimensionality.

The multi-perspectival negating potential of art becomes collapsed into one-dimensional thinking promoted by dominant ideology.

The potential for resistance is itself negated through a world of hyperreality, leaving the one-dimensional models to replace polyvalent "reality."

Popular music provides a good example. The categories and forms of music are forced onto the musicians by music corporation's categorical conventions. They do change their categories to follow the times but the ultimate end is still restriction/conventionality.

What begins as projecting a liberating function at the level of individual expression, gets turned into a repressive category.The actual musicians are turned into simulations on MTV which essentially snuff out their potential resistance to the dominant categories.

They no longer have a specific historical context through which they arose. They are merely images on a screen, models to follow for other musicians if they want to get on MTV.

The simulations, video images of the musicians and audio "images of the music, no longer refer to a situation which brought on individual resistance/expression.

For example- putting gangsta-rap music on the screen completely takes it out of its historical and social context. In this context, the art was created as an expression of resistance to the feeling of domination in urban life.

When white suburban kids see the videos, they have no understanding of the actual situational context- the videos are just images on the screen like all the others images on the screen that they see everyday. This takes away the "reality" of the historical context, and replaces it with hyperreality. By removing the context, MTV removes all resistant meaning.

Pop music becomes a place of one-dimensionality. In the world of hyperreality, the lines between dominance and resistance, between high and low are collapsing. There is finally no distinction. There is a unification of opposition.

Pop music becomes reified.

And all this is the whY uV m a s h U g a !

Simulacra and Simulation

The images we see are only shadows on the cave wall. Through systematic desensitization we come to see the desert of the real in high definition wide screen clarity but still,We see absolutely nothing at all. Our society is not our own, our thoughts are not our own. We are victims to the Gods of Simulacra and Simulation, ever slaves to their fashionable whims.

The message is not important; the image represented is a lie. False culture based on shadows and lost in time. Time bandits are the twin Gods who steal our past and serve us ground up paste as a substitute for history.The images take control and the real meaning is lost. We cannot live outside of our own minds and that is our most glaring flaw.

We cannot comprehend wars across the world where people who can’t afford to order a cold beer with lunch or even lunch itself fight to the death to preserve their way of life as rudimentary as it seems to our gravitational eyes.

If we can’t pull the image from media we are lost with no context to guide us. With no context there can be no truth, With no truth there can only be the shadows that distract us from the casters standing at gravitations end.

Our world, our thoughts, our ideals are not of our own design. The Gods of Simulacra and Simulation made sure we were blind long before they revealed to us the nature of our Gods.

for all the little lambs ...

I tAWMy hereby declare mY mashUganess -
- mY continued resistance to
ignorance & conformity