Sunday, January 09, 2005

T U B t H U M p I N g

e X t r a S p e C I A l - A C T i v I S t S

TREaSUREs 4 u 2

"In the course of human events, pinnacle junctures of spacetime produce and bestow the epiphany. The beings whom are chosen, extrapolate this epiphany, thus bringing into fruition the superlative, or the object of ultimacy. There is a coven of warriors who encapsulate the next epoch of this concept...they stand fearless and dutiful at an elite crossroads of the omniverse."

Deadsy is an institution that was developed to purify and primify the human solution of sound and vision. It is adamantly committed to the realization of a comprehensive conveyance of simplicity and complexity's synergistic unions - a sort of "simplexity" or "complicity," if you will. This institution is comprised of five separate entities: academia, leisure, horror, war and science-medicine. These ingredients are the core basis of the Deadsy formula and the keys to the equation of this plight. Each of the members (fraters) has been designated one of these entities in accordance to their natural predisposition and most primal congruencies to best exhibit the root aspects and essential constants of humanization: P. Exeter Blue I...the eternal pupil, Alec Pure...the libertine, Creature, Carlton Megalodon...Man-At-Arms, and finally Nner...the good doctor. The life-breath principle of Deadsy, being the sum of the five parts, is a perfect parallel to the fourth dimension's (time) crucial relationship to the other three, as they are aimless and next to impossible without it...lo and behold, the relentless search of the ultimate.

Woven thick throughout the fabric of this purpose, it is of the most sacred of attributes, being that it is the spirit-provider accompaniment of intensity and extremity on the effervescent quest as pilgrims toward the nether-zone. The foundations of this mantra lie in the Deadsy theosophy of primacy, which emphasizes that in the early stages of life we hold the answers of the universe and life itself. What we covet from that point on is the preservation of that purity and raw knowledge. Incidentally, this institution is utilizing the vehicle of ultra-specific sonics and visuals to challenge, overwhelm, and enchant its followers in hopes that ultimately they too can rate, merit, and place in perspective their avid passions, beliefs, adventures, and rituals in accordance to the grand scale of self. This manifesto having been stated in its entirety...

In Hoc Signo Vinces

lETs fACE iT heAD oN !!