Monday, January 24, 2005

I’d care to reach out againtouch all your beautiful faces
Born within’ my dreams … paradise that we all share
I’ve washed my hands of all the things … places
And the souls who have yet to care
To dream the dreamer’s dream

I’d care to start all over again … a new beginning without end
Here I stand aloneas crazy as may seem
That’s what is felt … by those close, I’ve called friend
Moment by moment … Those that truly dream
Distant friends … come back to me
To dream the dreamer’s dream

There is no stopping … there’s no turning around
Our destiny is written … we’ve carried the guide
To the light of wisdom … we are intimately bound
And the core of truth … that lives inside
Is surfacing … within us all
To dream the dreamer’s dream

Tonight, I may die … but the dream will linger
It has carried my soul this far … I shall return

It is not my choice … to point a finger
With that gift and curse … I shall burn
To awaken… your precious freedom
To dream the dreamer’s dream

It has been… worth the pain of it all
To learn how it feels… to be you

To be me… in a moment you too shall be walking tall
There’s no time to explain ... what I said was true
My words have died, and risen to where they belong
Now I follow
To dream the dreamer’s dream


Always LOVE All Ways

Grey Wolf