Friday, January 07, 2005


January 9

If man's personality can experience the universe, there is a divine mind and an actual personality somewhere concealed in that universe. [The Urantia Book, p. 30, par. 6]

January 10

The better man understands his neighbor, the easier it will be to forgive him, even to love him. [The Urantia Book, p. 38, par. 2]

January 11

Mercy is the natural and inevitable offspring of goodness and love. [The Urantia Book, p. 38, par. 4]

January 12

Though you cannot find God by searching, if you will submit to the leading of the indwelling spirit, you will be unerringly guided, step by step, life by life, through universe upon universe, and age by age, until you finally stand in the presence of the Paradise personality of the Universal Father. [The Urantia Book, p. 39, par. 4]

January 13

The experience of loving is very much a direct response to the experience of being loved. [The Urantia Book, p. 39, par. 7]

January 14

For, as a father, a real father, a true father, loves his children, so the Universal Father loves and forever seeks the welfare of his created sons and daughters. [The Urantia Book, p. 40, par. 1]

January 15

God is love, but love is not God. [The Urantia Book, p. 40, par. 2]